Price (RRP) £14.99

NOW TV is a streaming service similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime, but differs in that it offers ‘the best of pay TV without a contract’. NOW TV is in fact owned by Sky, and can be seen as the company’s answer to other competitive internet television services.

NOW TV does not require a contract, but instead uses ‘passes’, which come in daily, weekly and monthly applicable vouchers.

The available passes are the Entertainment Pass, Sky Cinema Pass, Kids Pass and Sky Sports Pass. The only pass available to buy as a day or week voucher is Sky Sports.

When a user buys the NOW TV box, they can choose a pass to be attached to the order, and then apply its voucher code upon receipt of the box, during registration.

The box itself is only £14.99, and comes with a guide, an HDMI cable, power adapter, 2x AAA batteries and a remote control.

Sky channels without the contract

Most of the programming is on-demand content from pay TV channels, many of which are from Sky.

NOW TV offers viewers pay TV content at a reasonable cost. Terrestrial programming like BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 and Channel 5 is also available in their respective players, meaning that NOW TV has the basics of British TV programming covered.

Users need only sign up to the service online before choosing a trial package from one of the available passes. Trials are currently 14 days in length before a monthly payment is then taken, relevant to the individual pass(es) chosen. Users are required to enter payment details upon creating an account, but can cancel their trial at any time via the Account menu.

NOW TV is available for over 60 devices, including mobile phones, game consoles and TVs. It is also supported on Chromecast, Roku and LG Smart TVs.

The advantage of NOW TV’s programming is that typically it is more current and up-to-date. Shows like The Walking Dead are updated as the show is running, often 24 hours after transmission, and films generally appear on NOW TV before other services like Netflix and Prime, shortly after DVD release dates.

Although the box can play 1080p content, NOW TV only offers live and on-demand shows and films up to 720p. The box is similar to the Roku 2 and Roku 3, but the USB and microSD slots are not activated and the channel store is much smaller. Users looking for apps like Plex will need to purchase a Roku box.

Aesthetically the service is sleek and simple. The only issue some may have with the service is streaming quality given that Netflix now offers Ultra HD content.


Verdict: The NOW TV Box is still the cheapest streaming media player out there, offering live and on-demand content. As the box is designed for NOW TV the channel choice is more limited and some features aren't enabled.


  • Remote Control
  • Network Port
  • Wireless
  • Resolution up to 1080p HD