NOW TV Smart Box

Price (RRP) £39.99

The NOW TV Smart Box combines Freeview HD, free on-demand services and the premium NOW TV service in a single device.

Features include being able to pause and rewind live TV, access to 60 Freeview channels and 15 HD channels, enhanced TV compatibility with HDCP and a quad core processor. This box retails at over double the cost of the smaller NOW TV Box which lacks Freeview and pause and rewind.

Passes for the NOW TV Smart Box differ in length to its smaller alternative. Buyers can purchase the box with either a 5 month Entertainment Pass, saving 7% at £69.99, a 4 month Sky Cinema Pass, saving 12% at £69.99 or a 1 month Sky Sports pass at £73.99.

The box itself contains a guide, an HDMI cable, power adapter, 2x AAA batteries and a remote control. All that is required other than these items is an active NOW TV account, a wireless broadband connection and a TV with an HDMI input.

More live and on-demand content

The content is enhanced by the aforementioned addition of 60 Freeview channels, but the box still has the original available apps and content too, including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and Demand 5.

As with the NOW TV Box, this new box allows for simple set-up and contract-free viewing. Activation is completed simply by opening the box and following the instructions included. An account is required to be created online before viewing can commence.

A new interface ‘brings you the best of pay and free TV’, as well as showing users what they have missed since they last logged in.

Video output is maxed at 1080p, and Digital audio over HDMI is provided at 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound (pass through). It’s worth noting that content from NOW TV only goes up to 720p.

A microSD slot, ethernet port and USB port allow for extra storage and a cleaner connection for better streaming. USB media formats include MP4 and MKV. Audio formats supported are AAC, MP3 and WMA. Users can also view images in several formats.

As a standalone box without obligation of contract, and with greater programming and processing speed, the NOW TV Smart Box is a quality, premium alternative for viewers wanting to upgrade from the original box.

NOW TV Smart Box
NOW TV Smart Box

Verdict: The NOW TV Smart Box combines Freeview HD channels, free on-demand services and NOW TV into a single box.


  • Remote Control
  • Network Port
  • Wireless
  • Resolution up to 1080p HD