Roku 2

Price (RRP) £69.99

The Roku 2 streaming box sits between the cheaper Streaming Stick and top-of-the-range Roku 3. It’s equipped with the same programmes and services as the Streaming Stick but has an ethernet port, a microSD slot and a USB port.

The box also has a Fast HD optimised processor, but unlike the Stick, does not come with a ‘point-anywhere’ radio enabled remote control, instead opting for an IR receiver.

The remote does, however, have quick start buttons for popular apps and the capability to send TV direct from YouTube and Netflix.

Video resolution goes up to 1080p. Audio output remains the same as the Stick, with Dolby Digital surround sound supported, via a pass through over HDMI. As well as audio and video capabilities, the Roku 2 allows for JPG and PNG viewing from a USB stick.

Channels and catalogue

Programming features 2,000 streaming channels and over 100,000 films and TV episodes, with apps including Netflix, NOW TV, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Demand 5 and All 4. Music services are also a part of the Roku 2 box, with Spotify, Deezer and tunein available.

Customers should be mindful that not all apps are free. Subscription and pay-for services make up much of the content, with users being able to rent and buy content via various streaming apps.

As with the Stick, users can ‘beam’ content from their tablets and smartphones via an app straight to their TVs, similar to Amazon’s Fire Stick ‘fling’ function, and Chromecast’s main feature.

Keeping users up to date with content coming soon is the Roku Feed, which shows viewers what they can expect to see in coming days from various streaming channels, and their respective prices.

As a streaming service, the Roku 2 box allows for great connectivity to a range of streaming apps and services, free and pay-for content, fast streaming and an easy set-up process. Roku is unique in that it does not promote or have its own streaming service, like Apple TV and Amazon Fire. This makes for largely ad-free media streaming that is unburdened by messy interfaces and promotions.

Roku 2 Streaming Player
Roku 2

Verdict: The Roku 2 sits in the middle of the Roku range, offering good all-round performance and features. It's quicker than the Roku Stick, but missing the Roku 3's remote control features.


  • Remote Control
  • Network Port
  • Wireless
  • USB Port
  • Resolution up to 1080p HD