Toast of London actor to play Klingon in new Star Trek series


Fans have been waiting somewhat impatiently about news surrounding Star Trek: Discovery, the new Star Trek outing from Bryan Fuller. This week Digital Spy confirmed that three Klingons will be making their way into the first series of Discovery – and we have their names.

The CBS All Access series will see three new Klingon warriors joining the cast, as revealed by the official Star Trek website. American Gods’ Chris Obi will play their leader, T’Kuvma, who is said to be a uniting factor between Klingon houses.

His younger companion is Kol, played by Toast of London actor Shazad Latif, who is known for his role as the sound engineer Clem Fandango.

Completing the crew is L’Rell, played by Girls! Girls! Girls! star Mary Chieffo, as a battle-deck commander on a new Klingon Bird-of-Prey warship.

Recently there have been rumours of Discovery having a Klingon captain, which could create a lot of conflict between Starfleet and the Klingon Empire.

Additional casting recently includes Anthony Rapp as Science Officer Stamets and Hellboy’s Doug Jones as an alien lieutenant. In a dedicated move to make Discovery a diverse series, Rapp will play Star Trek’s first gay character.

It can also be revealed that Michelle Yeoh, previously reported as playing a new captain, will actually be helming a rival ship called the USS Shenzhou.

Viewers can watch Discovery on Netflix in the UK, where new episodes will be uploaded regularly, and on CBS/CBS All Access in the US in the coming Spring.

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